World Book Day – Inspiring Young Readers

World Book Day Number Plates – Speedy Reg

Reading for pleasure is such an amazing pastime, and with World Book Day, many more young people will be inspired to pick up a story book and disappear into another world. That escapism you get from reading a book is a wonderful way to de-stress and forget your troubles for a while, so it’s great for your mind all through your life. For kids, it’s an insight into other lives and other worlds, it’s also fantastic for helping them develop their vocabulary and comprehension skills. When your child reads for fun at home, they’re getting extra education without even knowing it.

World Book Day seems to increase in popularity every year. If you have school age kids you’ve no doubt been roped into putting together a book themed costume. What have you gone for this year? The Cat in the Hat? Mary Poppins? It can seem like a bit of a chore for parents, but its’ worth the effort, the kids love it so much! Remember to share your World Book Day costume photos with the hashtag #WorldBookDay we’ll be looking out for them!

2019 £1 books

Of course school children also get a voucher so they can pick one of the many £1 books that are released each year for World Book Day. There’s something for everyone, from the tiny tots through to the teens. I’m sure plenty of adults will also be enjoying some these £1 books too! This year there’s a great choice. There’s a Lego minifigures book, A 101 Dalmatians book, a Percy Jackson adventure and many more, so don’t forget to pick up your book!

A plate for book lovers?

We think our BUX plates are great for book lovers. Your English teacher might sigh at the spelling, but we think these would be pretty funny if you owned a book shop! You can pick up one of our BUX plates for just £199. How about HU63 BUX or HU60 BUX? We’ve also got plenty of WBD plates for World Book Day, you could have W6 WBD, W1 WBD or C5 WBD.

Have a great World Book Day

The costumes are made, the kids have been excitedly sent off to school for a great day of activities, so now it’s your turn. Why not make the most of World Book Day and take a little time out to relax and enjoy a book yourself! After staying up all night sewing the perfect Harry Potter cape you deserve it!