Could County Flags be the next Big Change for Number Plates?

Country Flags on Number plates - Speedyreg
Country Flags on Number plates – Speedyreg

Boris Johnson has unveiled his vision for the future of the UK and some interesting proposals have been put forward. Now officially Prime Minister, Boris is clear on his views regarding the need and desire to maximise the productive power of what he refers to as ‘the awesome foursome’, in other words, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. He spoke of the greatness and potential of the UK and stated that together, these nations are greater than the sum of their parts. A nation that is admired all over the globe. Whether or not that statement still stands true is probably one for some debate!

The Prime Minister highlighted many issues and made several suggestions for modernising the United Kingdom. Improving social care and helping young people to get on the property ladder were some of the promises made that we could have guessed would be important points. But there have also been some other rather interesting and slightly quirky proposals put forward.

A bridge too far?

Suggestions to improve transport links to and from Northern Ireland and extending the NI Motorway network both north and west have been put forward, but also one rather fascinating idea is that of a toll-free bridge between Scotland and Northern Ireland. DUP leader Arlene Foster and MP Sammy Wilson have both shown support for a bridge. It would be a huge undertaking, and architect Professor Alan Dunlop has proposed options for a bridge connecting either Larne and Portpatrick or Mull of Kintyre with Torr Head. It’s thought that the cost would be between £15 and 20 billion.

An extra bank holiday  – Lest We Forget

Remembrance Day is of huge significance to everyone in the UK and proposals have been put forward to make this day a national holiday, as it is in several other countries including France, Belgium, the USA and many parts of Canada.

Expressing local identity with number plates

Another suggestion made was to help people show their support for their county by allowing county flags to be displayed on number plates.  This would add another dimension to your personalised number plates but perhaps, along with Boris’s suggestion of showing test cricket on free-to-air channels, his priorities do seem to be rather mixed. What do you think? Is boosting everyone’s connection with their own ‘Britishness’ important, or are there greater issues to be solved?

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