7 is the magic number. Veil gluck Deutshland!

As Brazil mourn their world cup dreams and the world stood back in shock as the host nation suffered a 7-1 humiliation to Germany, people are treading on egg shells as 7 becomes a banned number in the country.

The world has been so taken back by the defeat that it has become the most discussed topic on Twitter since the Social Media tool was released. A record 35.6 million tweets were sent during the 90 minute game. Six of the top ten topics trending on twitter wee in relation to the match with #BrazilVsGermany being the top subject.

Of course with any hot topic in the social media photoshop was in over drive with images of German Chancellor Angela Merkel superimposed onto the statue of Christ The Redeemer in Rio, images of the Christ statue crying and celebrities taking to Twitter to air their views on the game.

As 7 is now an unspoken number in Brazil no doubt any vehicle registration with the number 7 will be frowned upon in Brazil, however it will certainly be a lucky number in Germany. If seven is your lucky number and better yet if you are a Germany fan why not get yourself a lucky number 7 registration to show your support for the final. We have an excellent selection of number 7 single digit plates here at Speedy Reg so why not give us a call today.