It’s F1 Race Number 20 of 2019 – The Brazilian Grand Prix!

Speedyreg - Formula 1
Speedyreg – Formula 1

As the 2019 Formula 1 season heads to the finishing straight, the action moves to the Autódromo José Carlos Pace in Brazil for the 20th race in the series. Lewis Hamilton has repeated his amazing performance of last year, and has once again already secured the World Drivers’ Championship title before he’s even set off on this latest race, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be a thrilling weekend, there’s still plenty to race for.

Dates and Times to watch on Sky

For those tuning in to Sky Sports F1 you can watch coverage from 15 minutes before the following session start times…

Practice 1 – Friday 15th November – 1:00pm

Practice 2 – Friday 15th November – 5:00pm

Practice 3 – Saturday 16th November – 2:00pm

Qualifying – Saturday 16th November – 4:00pm

The Grand Prix Race – Sunday 17th November – 5:10pm (Live coverage from 3.30pm)

Supporting your favourite F1 driver with a new Private Plate

Who have you been cheering on during this F1 season? If you’re a big F1 fan and have a favourite driver, you might like to choose a private plate to show your support for their efforts this year. Here are a few ideas for F1 driver plates you might want to take a closer look at…

Lewis Hamilton – LEW 15H, LEW 15S, LEW 155L, LEW 15M or LEW 15C

Valtteri Bottas – 44 VAL, 92 VAL, 174 VAL, 390 VAL or VAL 406

Sebastian Vettel – 10 SEB, M4 SEB, F8 SEB, SEB IT, SEB IP

Charles Leclerc – CHA 122Y, 14 ERC, 15 CL, 200 CL, 777 CL

Pierre Gasly – P31 RRE, P123 RRE, 9 PG, PG 10

Max Verstappen – MAX 1V, D5 MAX, 16 MAX, 88 MAX

Daniel Ricciardo – 6 DAN, OAN 1, DAN 5B, 766 DAN

Nico Hulkenberg – 13 NH, 55 NH, 95 NH, 98 NH

Romain Grosjean –  R25 ROM, R200 ROM. R300 ROM, A28 ROM

Kevin Magnussen – 700 KEV, 912 KEV, KEV 11X, KEV 17Y

Lando Norris – 444 LAN, LAN 863, 7 AND, LAN 6G

Carlos Sainz – CAR 5L, CAR 11L, CAR 12J, C3 CAR, E10 CAR

Sergio Perez – SER 39, SER 85H, PER 177N, 115 SP, 118 SP

Lance Stroll – LAN 863, 444 LAN, LAN 657N

Kimi Raikkonen – 288 KR, 406 KR, 1422 KR

Antonio Giovinazzi – 61 ANT, ANT 5Y, ANT 96A, ANT 159A

Alexander Albon – 6 LEX, 736 ALX, ALB 11N, 53 AA

Daniil Kvyat – DAN 11C, DAN 11W, 6 DAN, OAN 1

George Russell – 90 RGE, 930 RGE, 1 GR

Robert Kubica – 888 ROB, ROB 20, 23 ERT, ROB 23, ROB IT