Why are we called Speedy Reg?

Number Plates

Have you wondered why we’re called Speedy Reg? It’s not because we drive our cars too fast, we’re all very law-abiding here, it’s because we offer the fastest transfers in the marketplace. You won’t get your new plates quicker from anyone else. So, if you want plates in a hurry, come to us. Perhaps someone has an upcoming birthday and you’ve forgotten all about it until now; you can order them a personalised registration plate from us and not only will it be sorted out fast, you’ll look like you’ve put weeks of thought into it! A much better option than running to the shop for a bottle of wine and box of chocolates.

So why are we so speedy with our transfers? Well we have a highly trained customer service team that are available to take your order 7 days a week, so we can get started quickly. With our years of experience we have the know-how to get your transfer through fast, and we deal directly with the DVLA. We’ve been dealing with the DVLA for over 30 years, so we have a good relationship with them and we know our processes work well. We work hard to keep our Speedy reputation!

Image courtesy of digidreamgrafix / FreeDigitalPhotos.net