How SpeedyReg Director Des was Involved in Jennifer Aniston’s Car Crash

Jennifer Aniston's Car Crash - Speedyreg
Jennifer Aniston’s Car Crash – Speedyreg

Is our Director Des Elton somehow to be blamed for Jennifer Aniston crashing a Ferrari? You may be thinking that she was distracted by his stunning good looks and failed to pay due attention to the road, but no, luckily this was a stunt crash in a new film that Jennifer is starring in, so Des doesn’t have to worry about paying to get that Ferrari fixed.

The crash occurred on the set of the new Netflix film Murder Mystery and thankfully was entirely intentional. So where does Des fit in? Well the number plate used on the Ferrari in the film is actually one we sold back in October 2001! KBZ 90.

Murder Mystery is a comedy mystery film, released on Netflix last week. It stars Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. The critics weren’t so impressed, but the public are loving it, with more than 30 million people watching it since it was released on June 14th.

When we sell a plate and send it off to its new home, we never quite know where it will end up. Once in a while we spot one we recognise, but it’s not often in a movie! We have had several other celebrity connections though. One of our plates, RUI 2059 ended up on a bus in an advert for Littlewoods starring Colleen Rooney and when Lily Allen married Sam Cooper, the wedding car, a vintage Bentley sported another of our plates GIG 3204. We sold that one back in 1998 for just £50. It goes to show that you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a private plate that matches up to the celebrities! We’ve even spotted one of our plates on the Amazon TV Show The Grand Tour.

As well as famous plates, we also have several famous customers. Chris Evans regularly uses our services to buy and sell his number plates and Irish country singer Lisa McHugh bought a GIG 2088 plate from us for her tour lorry. She was kind enough to bring the lorry to the Speedy Reg offices to visit us to say thank you. Des was delighted, he’s a big fan of Lisa’s. In the past we’ve sold plates to Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas, as well as footballer Ally McCoist. You just never know who’s going to get in touch next and that’s just what makes this job so interesting.