Smile, pout, strike a pose – It’s National Selfie Day!

Speedy Reg- National Selfie Day
Speedy Reg – National Selfie Day

Selfies, the craze that’s here to stay. When once we would line up the family in a row and take a photo, there’d always be one person missing… you! Now we’re all mad on selfies, we can all be in the photo, perhaps with the help of a selfie stick. The word selfie has even made it into the Oxford English Dictionary.

Selfies are such a fun way to capture the moment. With a famous landmark behind you, or just with your mates on a wild night out, to share on Facebook.

National Selfie Day was invented by radio DJ Rick NcNeely from Texas, back in 2014. It’s grown famous since then and spread across the world. Well everyone loves a selfie! So do take part and snap those selfies, get all your friends and relatives involved, take selfies with your work colleagues and be imaginative with your selfies as there are lots of selfie competitions going on. You might even win a prize! Be sure to share your selfies with the hashtag #NationalSelfieDay

It’s all about you!

There are of course those people who frown on selfies, and it does have to be said, there are perhaps a few too many selfies out there on social media, posted generally by the younger generation on an incredibly regular basis, but is it self obsession, or is it a good thing to be proud of your appearance and want to share your latest look with the world? Well whatever your opinion, today is a day when we can take as many selfies as we like. It’s a day to relish in all things you! So how about a selfish selfie number plate? There’s nothing more personal than a private plate that’s all about you!

Fancy a ME plate?

How about one of these super stylish ME plates? 69 ME will certainly turn heads, but if that’s a little too attention grabbing, how about 21 ME, 41 ME, 91 ME or 99 ME?

The perfect plate just for you

But perhaps you’d like to celebrate that which totally defines you… your name! Private plates with names on will likely always be our biggest sellers. People just love to drive around with everyone knowing that TOM or SUE are behind the wheel of 10 SUE and 99 TOM! Finding a plate with your very own name on is so easy. Just type your name into our search box and see all the options. Try nicknames and your initials too for even more choice.