It’s Selfie Day – So Get Snapping!

Do you love taking selfies? Is your Facebook page full of pictures of you? You at the beach, you on a night out, you just chilling out at home. The selfie has certainly become a massive craze that’s probably here to stay, so love them or loathe them, why not snap a selfie today, just for no reason at all!

Or get together with your friends or family and take a big selfie, you might need a handy selfie stick for that though!

Selfie day is all about you. Tomorrow you can go back to thinking about everyone else, but today, why not treat yourself? How about a spa day, or just give yourself ten minutes to put your feet up and relax for a change.

Or perhaps you could get yourself a private plate that’s just for you and nobody else? When it’s all about you, how about a ME plate? You could have 91 ME, 82 ME or 3511 ME. But perhaps the best way to celebrate Selfie Day is with a plate with your name on. Nothing says ‘you’ more than your own name!

We’ve got plates to suit all names. Here’s just a small selection of some perfect name plates. Of course we can’t list the plates for every name in the world right here, but if we haven’t listed your name then all you need to do it put your name into our search and see what comes up in the results!

Great name plates to help you celebrate Selfie Day!

It’s all about yourself today!

Amy – SS03 AMY

Anne, Ann or Anna – ANN 6E, ANN 3A or ANN 3S

Anthony – BB08 ANT

Barry – BB14 RRY

Ben – BB54 BEN or BB16 BEN

Beverley – BB05 BEV

Bill – VIL 408 or BIL 1471

Daniel – ST14 DAN

Debbie or Deborah – SL51 DEB

Declan – SL07 DEC

Desmond – ST55 DEZ or 71 DES

Donald – BB16 DON

Emma or Emily – SS55 EMS

Guy – BB08 GUY

Jack – SS55 JAK

Joe – SS55 JOE

Lee – BB58 LEE

Louise or Louis – BB02 LOU

Sam or Samantha – 4 SAM, 29 SAM or SAM 293

Sue – SS06 SUE

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