Look After Your Eyes – It’s National Sunglasses Day

You can’t beat a cool pair of shades, they’re the perfect fashion accessory for a sunny day, but they’re also far more than just a fashion statement. Sunglasses and pure optical lenses protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

We tend to neglect our eyes when it comes to the sunshine. We just want to cut out the glare, we don’t think about the damaging effects. Even those of us who are very particular about applying lots of sun cream often forget that our eyes are just as likely to be harmed by the sun. If there’s part of your body you should be looking after, then eyes certainly come top of the list. Where would you be without them? Well, in the dark really.

Choose the right sunglasses

Not all sunglasses are created equal. You may think that sunglasses are basically all the same but they are not. Some don’t adequately cut out the sun’s UV rays. When you’re buying sunglasses, look out for the CE Mark and British Standard BS EN 1836:2005

Don’t be tempted to buy cheap sunglasses, especially abroad. Those fake Ferrari glasses may make you look like a rock star, but they won’t protect your eyes. Good quality sunglasses are even more important when you’re holidaying in sunnier climes!

Sunglasses for driving

It’s also very important to choose glasses that are particularly suited for driving. If your glasses distort your vision or are too dark, they could be dangerous for wearing when you drive. Glasses should have a filter level number on them, from 1 to 4. This basically tells you how dark they are. Any glasses marked as category 4 are the darkest and these are not suitable for wearing while driving. Many brands such as Foster Grant offer special glasses that are made specifically for wearing when driving. These will be at the right level darkness and will also have anti-glare properties. It’s also suggested that you stick to either grey or brown tinted lenses for driving.

Don’t forget your sunnies

Get in the habit of keeping a pair of sunglasses in your bag with you. You never know when the clouds are going to clear and the sun will be shining down on you. Don’t get caught without your sunglasses. Even in the middle of winter your eyesight may in danger if you don’t have some shades to hand, especially in the snow when the light bounces off the brilliant white powder and can be very dazzling.

So don your favourite sunglasses and go out and show the world that not only do you look amazing, but you also look after your eyesight. Have a great National Sunglasses Day and spread the word!

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