Flipping Great Pancake Day Deals!

Pancake Number Plates - Speedyreg
Pancake Day Plates – Speedy Reg

Forget Black Friday and the January Sales, we’re all about Pancake Day Deals here at Speedy Reg. What could be better than eating pancakes and treating yourself to a new private registration at a bargain price?

Pancake Day Trivia: If you happen to be in Lithuania for Pancake Day then you’re in for a treat, as they eat not just pancakes on Pancake Day, but doughnuts too, and if there’s one thing we like more than pancakes, it’s doughnuts!

Perhaps we’ve sprinkled too much sugar on our pancakes as we’ve gone a little crazy with our Pancake Day prices. Want a plate that is unbelievably cheap? Then check out our plates that cost just £25! (Please note prices exclude VAT and transfer fee).

Pancake Day Trivia: If you’re in Finland, then you’re not so lucky, instead of pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, they eat pea soup.

So what plates can you grab for only £25? Well how about URM 436X or CRM 146W? Looking for matching plates for you and your spouse? Then we’ve got CTC 673M and CTC 674M available right now for just £25 each.

Pancake Day Trivia: In Britain we eat a whopping 52 million eggs on Pancake Day!

Surely those £25 plates are the cheapest plates in the known universe? Well actually no, how would you like a plate for £10 instead? Yes, this is no joke, we even have a selection of plates for £10! You can have CX07 BWN, SV03 EOB or PG52 AEK for this ridiculously low price.

Pancake Day Trivia: The record for pancake tossing stands at 349 flips in 2 minutes. The record for eating pancakes is 73 in one hour. Think you could beat that? Perhaps with a bit of practice?

Perhaps though, you’re looking for a dateless plate? You’ve got an older vehicle and you just don’t want anyone to know how old it really is? Those dateless plates are going to be expensive right? Well again the answer is no, we’ve got a massive selection of dateless plates for just £40! Plates such as MXZ 6423, ORZ 2572, SIG 9042 and UIG 1287. With all these plates, no one will be able to work out the age of your vehicle by looking at your plate!