Take Time Out for a Coffee – It’s Cappuccino Day!

Never ones to miss out on a special occasion, today we’re celebrating Cappuccino Day! Well we do like our coffee in the office, so it’s the perfect excuse to enjoy a special frothy cuppa! This world-famous drink originates from Italy and is named after the Capuchin friars, as the colour of the coffee is the same as the colour of the habits they wore. However, when in Italy, never order a cappuccino after 11am, it’s really not the done thing and it’s certainly not something to order at the end of a meal.

A cappuccino is generally made from a double espresso with steamed milk added to it. Then of course no cappuccino is complete without a generous sprinkling of chocolate powder on top!

Support your local coffee shop

Today is all about showing your support for those hard working baristas in your local coffee shop. They’re always there for you when you need a quick caffeine boost so make sure you pop in today and order a cappuccino. Perhaps you can have a nice sit down with a cuppa during your lunch break? A slice of cake to go with it isn’t compulsory, but it would be a shame not to wouldn’t it? If you’re busy, just grab a cappuccino to go. The extra froth on the top of a cappuccino serves as a good insulator, so when you’re choosing a coffee to take home or back to the office, cappuccino is the best choice as it stays hotter for longer. With decaf versions available, you’ve got no excuse not to join in with Cappuccino Day today!

A cappuccino could actually be good for your health

We don’t tend to think of cappuccino as a healthy drink, but coffee is packed full of antioxidants, helping to lower your levels of LDL cholesterol, that’s the ‘bad’ cholesterol, and so can help to protect your heart and lower your risk of stroke. Research shows that coffee is also good for your memory and brain function, so a cappuccino before a test or exam is a great idea. Coffee is also thought to reduce gallstones, help with digestion, prevent tooth cavities and even lower your risks of cancer.

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