Get the Lasagne Ready – It’s Garfield Day!

Did you know it’s Garfield Day? This is certainly one you shouldn’t let pass by. You know, Christmas Day is great and all, but Garfield Day, well, everyone loves that chubby cat don’t they? Plus it’s the perfect excuse to make like Garfield and over-eat on an extra large portion of lasagne, yum!

How to celebrate Garfield Day

Well we’ve already mentioned the lasagne, but it’s so important, let’s talk about it again. No Garfield Day would be complete without A LOT OF LASAGNE. Now it’s recommended that you begin the day with a nice lasagne breakfast. Lasagne on toast will make for a delicious lunch, then an extra large portion with garlic bread and chips for dinner. Don’t forget to leave room for a little extra lasagne before bed too. All washed down with Garfield’s favourite drink, coffee.

We all know that Garfield is bone idle. So on Garfield Day it’s incredibly important to do as little as possible and embrace your lazy side. If you can, it’s a good idea just to stay in bed all day. Try and convince someone else to bring your coffee and lasagne to you in bed. If you really must get up, then get yourself comfortable, curled up on the sofa watching Garfield The Movie and Garfield cartoons all day. Just don’t overdo it.

To totally embrace your inner cat, a Garfield costume or onesie would be just the thing. You could get the whole family involved in this. But that might mean you’d have to share your lasagne. Garfield is not keen on sharing! The only sharing you should be doing on Garfield Day is sharing your photos on social media – and don’t forget to use the hashtag #GarfieldTheCatDay

Garfield inspired private plates

Garfield accepts that he’s rather overweight and he’s cool with that. He’s just not keen on dieting or healthy eating. We think he’d rather like a FAT plate and we’ve got the perfect one for him… FAT 80Y. We’ve also got lots of CAT plates available such as 8 CAT, 22 CAT and CAT 1. But just don’t get 2 DOG or E6 DOG. Garfield would certainly not be impressed!