What Dads Really Want for Father’s Day

Dad doesn’t want another pair of socks, or a novelty tie. Of course he’ll politely thank you, then it’ll go in the back of the cupboard along with the one you got him last year. Why not get him something that will really surprise him this year, something that he’ll actually love and enjoy for many years to come? Yes of course, we’re talking private plates!

You might think that a private plate is a bit of an extravagant gift. Yes you love your dad but you’re not prepared to spend your life savings on his Father’s Day present. Well how about if we told you our private plates start at just £40 plus VAT and transfer fee? You could easily spend more than that on a bottle of whisky or a pair of slippers that he doesn’t even like. So whatever your budget, we’ll have the perfect plate for your dad.

DAD plates

You could go all out and get him a DAD plate! If you’re feeling generous, then you get him 7 DAD for £10,495 or DAD 4M for £8,000 but if that’s a little steep, then we’ve also got some cheaper DAD plates too. How about BA52 DAD or CA56 DAD for just £199?

We’ve got PA plates too such as 86 PA and 911 PA, and POP plates like P30 POP and Y222 POP.

Dad’s name on a private plate

Perhaps dad would prefer a plate with his name on. Just type his name into our search box and choose his perfect plate. Here are some suggestions for common dad names…

Dave – DAV 6

Rob – 2 ROB

Tom – 86 TOM

James – JAM 4S

Martin – MAR 18N

Adrian – ADR 11N

Carl – CAR 5L

Joe – 18 JOE

Ken – KEN 15S

Phil – PH11 P0T

Dan – PP02 DAN

Pat – PP60 PAT

William – WIL 71

Bob – 6 BOB

John – JOH 17A

Leo – LEO 17A

Roger – ROG 69

Chris – CHR 14S

Steve – B16 STE

Or let dad choose for himself

If you think dad would prefer the fun of choosing his own personalised registration plate, then we have the ideal solution, a Speedy Reg Gift Voucher! The great thing about our gift vouchers is that you can download and print them straight away. So, if you’re reading this and it’s already Father’s Day, and it’s totally slipped your mind, you can avoid being the world’s worst son or daughter and suddenly look like the best, most thoughtful person when you present them with a gift voucher for a private plate! Find out more about our gift vouchers here.