Mine’s a Pint – Well it is National Beer Day!

Yes, it’s finally here, National Beer Day – Cheers! No, don’t worry, I haven’t had any beer yet. You wouldn’t want me to be drunk in charge of a blog. I might start telling jokes and you really don’t want that. Trust me. But, after work, I’ll be leaving the car at home and heading out for a pint, or maybe two, of refreshing, beautiful beer to celebrate National Beer Day!

So what’s National Beer Day all about?

Well it’s all pretty simple. The point of National Beer Day is to raise the profile of beer as Britain’s national drink and to celebrate the brewers and the long history of beer in this country.

A tale of ale

Want to know why June 15th has been chosen as National Beer Day? Well it’s pretty interesting. The date is the same date that the Magna Carta was sealed in 1215. What’s the significance of that? Well   it’s because the Magna Carta actually mentioned beer!

‘Let there be throughout our kingdom a single measure for wine and a single

measure for ale and a single measure for corn, namely the London quarter’.

It just goes to show what an important role beer has played in society for hundreds of years.

The good news – it’s actually a beer weekend!

It’s called Beer Day, but the festivities will continue all weekend up to and including Father’s Day on June 17th. A great excuse to take your dad out for a beer, or talk your son or daughter into buying you a pint.

Check out what’s going on

There will be loads of events running all over the country. Bars and beer retailers will be putting on something special with festivals, tasting events and special offers. Several breweries are inventing new special beers just for the occasion, so it’ll be a chance to sample something new. So ask around and see what’s going on in your area. If all else fails, why not throw a beer party at home?

Don’t forget ‘Cheers To Beer’

At 7pm June 15th, you need to raise your glass and say ‘Cheers To Beer’. Take a photo to capture the moment and post in on social media with the hashtag #CheersToBeer.

Get totally in the spirit with the National Beer Day anthem

Yes, it’s true, there’s now an official song of National Beer Day. You can download the lyrics and a karaoke backing track at the official National Beer Day website.

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