Get Snapping – It’s Selfie Day!

For centuries, taking photos was all about other people. You’d take lovely snaps of the kids, the camera would come out at family gatherings, but now we live in the era of the selfie. It seems there’s no such thing as too many photos of yourself, shared of course on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

So, we need to take more photos of our beautiful faces and get them online for everyone to enjoy and National Selfie Day is the perfect time to do it. Selfies are incredibly popular with the younger generations, but perhaps it’s time to encourage granny to get in on the act. So why not give her a selfie lesson?

Get out that selfie stick and take photos of yourself in fun and interesting places. Practice the perfect pout, take a hundred photos and pick out the one that’s the best to share. Don’t forget the all important hashtag… #SelfieDay

How to take a great selfie

Taking the perfect selfie takes practise. Luckily these days, you can take as many photos as you like and just delete them. No longer do you have to take your film along to Boots and pay for it to be processed, only to discover that half the photos are really terrible.

Natural lighting – Get outside in the sunshine to take your selfies and you’ll find those dark circles under your eyes disappear.

Practice your smile – A fake smile will never look quite right. So get in front of the mirror and remember something funny that will bring a genuine smile to your lips.

Mess around with angles – The right angle can make the world of difference. Try different angles and find the one that works best for you.

Add filters to your images – Still not happy with your selfie? There are loads of apps and filters out there to further transform your photos. Don’t be in a hurry to post them online, try some different filters. A little soft focus can certainly work wonders, and check to see if your phone’s camera has a special selfie mode.

A private plate that’s all about you

Selfies, they’re all about…. Yourself! You are awesome and so you might like to make your private plate all about you with a ME plate!

We’ve certainly got a lot to choose from. How about 21 ME, 69 ME, 84 ME, 91 ME or 99 ME?

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