The Walking Dead Season 8 to Air Very Soon!

The eagerly awaited Season 8 of The Walking Dead is nearly upon us! Yes, we’ve been waiting since April when Season 7 ended and now it’s finally here. The first episode of the new series airs on 22nd October in US on AMC, but UK viewers won’t have to wait too long as it’s being shown just one day later, at 9pm on October 23rd. Catch it on FOX or via NOW TV.

So what to expect? Well, if we refer back to the comic series that the TV show is based on, we’re at the point known as ‘All Out War’ – sounds pretty exciting huh? In the comics, this war lasts a long time and there’s plenty of interesting plot twists to keep you on your toes. While we can’t expect the TV series to exactly match the comics, this is such an important part, it’s likely to be a key feature of Season 8 and so should be very thrilling.

The format of Season 8 will be familiar to Walking Dead fans as it’s the same as we’ve seen before. You’ll get eight episodes from October to December. Then they’ll make us wait three long months to  February when another eight episodes will air.

The first episode of Season 8 will actually be the 100th episode of the show. Hopefully they’ll make the most of this anniversary and make it an episode to remember!

Some stuff you probably didn’t know about The Walking Dead

  • When Dale’s guts are spilled when he dies, they are made out of chicken breasts. That’s enough to put you off your BBQ!
  • Carl’s stunt double in the show is a 31 year old woman.
  • When the walkers are eating human flesh, it’s actually vinegar soaked ham.
  • When Lizzie fed a walker a mouse, it wasn’t a real mouse, it was grape jelly – yum!
  • After filming, the walkers’ blinking is edited out, and zombie noises are added in.

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