Many Happy Returns to Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has made a career out of being famous for being famous. She first came to the attention of the media as a friend of Paris Hilton, but when a sex tape made by herself and her then boyfriend Ray J was leaked, she became very famous indeed! The video was distributed by Vivid Entertainment as Kim K Superstar against whom she filed a lawsuit. This lawsuit was subsequently dropped as she reportedly settled for a payout of five million dollars.

Now in the public eye, Kim made the most of her fame and her next venture was the highly popular reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians which featured many members of her family. Since then she’s starred in several films, and endorses many brands and products. She’s even released a hit mobile phone game and a single!

Random Kim Kardashian facts…

  • Kim has been called the worst singer in the reality TV universe.
  • Kim’s father represented O. J. Simpson during his murder trial.
  • She eloped to Vegas when she was 19 to marry Damon Thomas.
  • When Kim was 12 her boyfriend was T. J. Jackson, Michael Jackson’s nephew. The relationship lasted 3 years.
  • She had her 14th birthday party at Michael Jackson’s Neverland ranch.
  • Kim collects vintage Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar magazines.
  • She’s set to play a cameo role in the upcoming Ocean’s Eight
  • Kim adores deep fried Oreos.
  • She warms her jewellery up with a hair dryer before she puts it on, so it isn’t cold.

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