Get Out On Your Bike – It’s National Motorcycle Ride Day

A United Day of Riding

The second Saturday of October is National Motorcycle Ride Day. This year it falls on October 14th. Initially a US innovation, it’s spread throughout the world, bringing together bikers for a day of riding with plenty of good company! During the day, there will be a lot of high-performance motorcycles gather in one area. Well, if you have one, don’t miss the chance to join and get in touch with your fellow riders.

Interestingly, October was chosen as the month for this event as it celebrates the anniversary of the invention of the first ever practical pneumatic tyre by none other than John B. Dunlop, way back in 1887.

There are two main reasons for this day. The first is purely to celebrate our love of motorbikes. To get together with fellow bikers and share our passion for bikes. The second reason is to encourage an interest in the motorbike industry itself. It could be a great day to visit a motorcycle dealership if you’re on the lookout for a new bike, or perhaps you’ve always wanted a bike but haven’t got around to it yet. There may well be some special Motorcycle Ride Day offers on.

So how can you join in? Well if you have a group of biker friends, get in touch and get out and about together. If you don’t have any biking buddies, search online and you’re bound to find a group going out on that day in your area that you can join in with. You could make some amazing new friends.

Get out in the countryside and you’re sure to see some gorgeous autumn scenery. Don’t forget to take some photos of your day. You can post them with the official hashtag #nationalmotorcyclerideday

Even if you’re not able to get out for a ride on October 14th, you could spend the day giving your bike a little TLC. Get it all polished up so it will look stunning next time you’re out on it. Or why not treat your bike to a private plate so you’ll stand out from the crowd?

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Enjoy National Motorcycle Ride Day – do tag us in your social media photos too, we’d love to see them!