Give Your Boss A Break on National Boss’s Day

October 16th is National Boss’s Day! A day to say thanks to your boss and appreciate everything they do to make your work life run smoothly.

Why is it held on October 16th? Well the reason is rather random. It’s purely because it’s the birthday of the father of Patricia Bays Haroski who first registered the holiday with the United States Chamber of Commerce back in 1958. It then became official four years later in 1962. The event is held every year, but of course sometimes October the 16th happens to be a weekend. When this occurs, the date is changed to the nearest working day.

What started out as a US holiday has now spread throughout the world and many nations now recognise this date as Boss’s Day.

So what will you do to celebrate? You might not be able to get a Boss’s Day card in the shops, so why not make your own? Well, your boss can’t tell you off for wasting your work time and resources when you’ve made them a lovely card can they?

We’ll certainly be treating our boss Des like a king on Boss’s Day. I’ll be sure he gets plenty of cups of tea and coffee in his favourite mug. Perhaps we’ll get one of our strong mechanics to come and give him a therapeutic shoulder massage. We’ll make it a special day he won’t forget. Then hopefully he’ll remember it when he’s getting the drinks in at the Christmas do!

Perhaps you could all club together to treat your boss to a private registration plate? Our boss is certainly sorted when it comes to private plates, but perhaps yours doesn’t have one yet? We’ve got B0S 805S available. If you’ve got a particularly bossy boss then you could go for B0S 555Y! Just as long as they see the funny side! We’ve also got A8 0SS available, and if you like your boss, but not enough to splash much cash on them, we’ve got loads of B0S plates starting at just £199.

So on the 16th of October, take the time to say thanks to your boss for being a great one! Perhaps some flowers or chocolates will speak even more than words. It can be tough being a boss, when all you usually hear are people’s complaints. For just one day, turn the tables and tell them something positive and brighten their day!