Speedy Reg are the market leaders for cheap Irish registrations

Speedyreg are market leaders

Did you know that Speedy Registrations are the market leaders for cheap Irish registrations? The reason for this is because not only do we have the largest selection of Irish registrations on the UK market due to the fact that we are based in Northern Ireland but also since we are the main supplier we are able to offer them cheaper than our competitors.

If you are a savvy internet shopper you will probably find registrations are advertised on more than one dealer website, due to the fact that it is an open market and most dealers advertise through each other. The cheapest price usually indicates the main source of the registration however not all dealers are transparent regarding their own stock. At Speedy Reg you will clearly see which registrations are stock and which are not as each number is specifically highlighted as ‘stock’ if we own it.

If we own the registration you will not find it cheaper anywhere else and if another website is claiming to have it cheaper this cannot be possible. Speedy Reg prides itself in being the most accessible registration dealer in the UK market due to the fact that we can provide registrations for all budgets.

We pride ourselves in being able to offer a huge selection of cheap number plates to suit all tastes and budgets. So whether you are looking for a cheap cover number to hide the age of your ‘preloved’ vehicle or whether you are looking for the cheapest possible personalised registration we are sure to have what you are looking for.

We have many returning customers who rely on our fast efficient service in providing the cheapest registrations and a quick transfer turn around. We will always advise our customers on the most efficient transfer method to suit their requirements and their situation. So for example if you have just purchased a new vehicle and you would like the transfer of your new number to be completed as quickly as possible our customer services team will advise you on the best possible method of transfer. As well as this, upon purchase our admin team will send a full explanatory letter, which will detail in full what the customer needs to return in order to complete the transfer and for convenience we also send a stamped addressed envelope to return paperwork to us.

Speedy Reg have a huge selection of cheap Irish number plates from as little at £40 and you may even find that we have something to suit your name or surname within this selection. If there is a registration you would consider buying but would like to discuss the terms of the transfer why not give our sales team a call today.