Did you know ZIA registrations are now being issued?

ZIA number plates

It has recently been brought to our attention that DVLA are now issuing certain vehicles with ZIA registrations. Any Northern Ireland residents who are applying to register a New Means of Transport (NMT), Personal Export (PE) or Direct Export (DE) will be issued with a ZIA number plate upon registration of the vehicle.

Following the transition of vehicle licensing to DVLA from DVA Coleraine in Northern Ireland; applications for New Means of Transport , Personal Export or Direct Export should now be made by post directly to the Specialist Registrations team in DVLA Swansea. Please note that any application should be accompanied with the appropriate VAT form, first registration fee (if applicable) and certificate of insurance (if applicable).

Vehicles registered under this scheme will be allocated with a ZIA registration and will continue to do so until the allocation reaches its limit.

If you have any queries regarding this form of registration please get in touch or contact the DVLA directly via email through nievs.project@dvla.gsi.gov.uk with any questions you would like to ask.



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