Private Number Plates for any age of vehicle

Private Number Plates

Buying a new private number plate from Speedy Reg is a simple process. Choosing your plates is a lot of fun, but there is something that you do need to bear in mind when picking out your perfect plate and that is that it is illegal to display a plate that makes your car look younger than it is. Both the current and prefix style plates have a year indicator contained within the set of characters on the plate. You must choose a plate with a year the same as, or older than the age of your vehicle. Now this can limit your choice, especially if you have an older vehicle, but it also means that everyone knows how old your car is! Many of us with rather aged vehicles would prefer that this information was not made public! You don’t want the next door neighbours commenting on how old your car is, especially if it doesn’t look its age and you’re more than happy with it.


We have the perfect solution for you though. You can pick one of our fabulous dateless plates! Our dateless plates are just perfect for hiding the age of an older vehicle, and of course, being dateless, you can pick any one you like without having to think about the year identifier and conforming to the legal requirements of not making your car look younger than it really is.


Our dateless plates are exceptional value. We have a huge selection of Irish plates for you to choose from, and the great thing about Irish plates is that they are all dateless. The Irish number plate system is different from our standard current and prefix style DVLA plates so they also look different, making them stand out from the crowd naturally. You are legally allowed to display an Irish plate on your vehicle, and the process is no more complicated than buying any of our other plates. To make things even faster, we have a huge warehouse jam packed with motorbikes. No, we’re not motorbike crazy, we use these bikes to store thousands of Irish number plates on, so we can transfer them quickly to your vehicle. It’s quite a sight to behold!


Our 3×3 range is pretty impressive, well worth a look at, even if you’re not particularly looking to hide the age of your vehicle. These plates consist of three letters followed by three numbers, or vice versa which always looks good. It’s not just the plates that will impress you, we think you’ll also be amazed at the prices. For example, if you bought a new dateless registration plate today, you could pick up AHZ 595, OKZ 454 or TCZ 292 for just £190 each. Of course that’s a tiny selection, we’ve got literally thousands of 3×3 dateless plates for you to choose from, at a price to suit any budget. You can search for dateless plates via the search facility on our homepage, or you can take a look at our dateless 3×3 plates sorted alphabetically by following this link: Just click on the letter of the alphabet you’d like your plate to start with and get choosing!


Hiding the age of your older vehicle needn’t be a problem with our low priced dateless plates, and you won’t have to pay any extra for the privilege, in fact, between you and me, you might get an even better plate for a lower price if you do take a look at these special plates that can often be overlooked. When you’ve made your choice, checkout is easy, just follow the instructions and choose your method of payment. We offer plenty of ways to pay, so you can opt for the payment method that suits you best. If you spend more than £199 you can also choose to pay in monthly instalments. Our finance option is interest free, so you won’t be paying any extra than if you paid outright.

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