Top Tips for Driving In Snow

Driving in the Snow

Happy Boxing Day Everyone!! This year we have decided to offer some tips for Driving in the Snow.

Checklist Prior to your Journey

1: Check tyres for adequate tread. Poor tyres will not grip when driving on snow and ice.

2: Check your Screenwash. Use a good quality screenwash that protects down to at least -35 to prevent the water from freezing.

3: Allow extra time in the morning to clear car windowscreens

4: Use either lukewarm water or de-icer to defrost the outside of your vehicle. NEVER USE BOILING WATER. Check your Wipers are switched off as they will break if you switch them on and they are frozen.

5: Remove snow from the top of your car

6: Check your vehicle to insure you have the following items:

  • Demisting Pad
  • Torch (wind-up so you don’t run out of battery)
  • Spare Screenwash
  • De-Icer
  • Ice Scraper
  • Blanket
  • Shovel
  • Phone Charger
  • Map
  • Spare Mat Or Square of Carpet

Driving in the Snow Tips

1: Do not accelerate too quickly

2: Change up to a higher gear as quickly as possible using low revs.

3: Move off of 2nd gear

4: Leave 10 times the normal recommended gap for braking

5: Do not slam your foot on the brakes

6: Wear Sunglasses to reduce the glare of the sun on the snow

Getting stuck

1: Do not panic

2: If your car starts to slide, lock your steering wheel fully and apply the handbrake.

3: If you have to abandon your car, move off the road as far as possible.


 If you think of any other tips that would be useful for our customers please let us know so we can pass it onto them.

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