Irish Number Plates

Irish Plates

When we say to you ‘Irish number plates’ what do you think? What comes to mind? If you’re thinking that these are plates from Ireland, then you’d be right of course, but if you’re also thinking that these are plates just for people in Ireland, then you’d be wrong. Many people just don’t realise that it is legal to display an Irish plate on a vehicle in England. If you take Irish plates into account when you’re choosing your new private registration plate, you’ll be giving yourself a lot more choice, and a lot more besides.

You see, there are other advantages too with opting for an Irish plate. Unlike our standard current and prefix style DVLA plates which have a year number incorporated into the characters, all Irish plates are dateless. This means, if you display an Irish plate on your car, van or motorbike, no one will be able to work out how old it is. Perfect if you have a rather elderly vehicle, and you’d rather people didn’t know just how old it actually is! Don’t give those nosey neighbours the satisfaction of knowing your car is older than theirs!

You can choose to search just within our dateless plates selection using our website search facility. We’ve been selling Irish plates for over 30 years now, so you needn’t worry that the process will be complicated or lengthy. We sell so many of them, the process is fast and smooth, no different from all our other private plate sales. The average completion time scale from receipt of your documents through to transfer is around two to three weeks. So you’ve just got enough time to order one before Christmas if you start choosing now!

Irish number plates are also pretty cool looking. In general they’re a little shorter than other similarly priced plates, so you get that personalised look for a lot less. We’ve got some great 3×3 plates, that is 3 letters followed by 3 numbers. Prices start at just £40 making them very good value too. Just like any other plate, Irish plates can be transferred from one vehicle to another, or onto a retention certificate.

If you like the idea of an Irish plate, then take a look at our available selection. We actually have the largest stock of Irish plates available anywhere in the UK. We have more than 6000 Irish plates stored on motorbikes in our warehouse, all ready to be transferred speedily to your vehicle. With plenty of payment choices, 0% finance available on orders over £199 and a customer service team ready to help you, you can’t go wrong if you choose to shop with Speedy Reg. We look forward to your custom, and if you have any questions, email us or call.  We’re open evenings too if you have any questions or want a progress report on your latest personalised plate purchase.