Ultra cheap Irish number plate

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Hide the age of your car with an ultra cheap Irish number plate

Number plates in Northern Ireland are issued by the DVA; the Driver and Vehicle Agency Northern Ireland. This is the Irish equivalent of the DVLA in the UK. The format of Irish plates is a little different to that of UK number plates. Irish plates start with three letters, followed by one to four numbers. The second two of the three letters differs depending on the particular licensing area. For example Belfast plates end in AZ, so you can find great plates for a Barry (BAZ), a Gary (GAZ) or a Caroline (CAZ or KAZ). Coleraine plates end in NZ and have recently issued the LNZ plate. Perfect if your name is Lyndsey! There are eight licensing areas in total, each with their own unique two letter code.

Speedy Reg have literally hundreds of great dateless Irish number plates for sale, starting at just £50. A very cheap and effective way to hide the age of your car and get an unusual personalised plate to boot! From LIG 1821 to UUI 1458 and many, many more, you’re bound to find one to suit you and at a good price too!


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