Cheap Irish number plates



Have you been looking for your perfect personalised number plate but been put off by the cost of the most desirable plates? Not everyone has the budget to buy the best looking plates, not when Christmas is approaching and there are bills to pay, but there is a solution. You CAN get a great looking plate without blowing loads of cash. The answer is to choose an Irish plate. Irish plates are shorter than DVLA plates, so they have that amazing personalised look to them that’s so sought after, but they are also much cheaper than DVLA plates, so you can’t lose!

There is no problem at all with having an Irish plate on your UK vehicle, and the process is not really any more complicated than purchasing a DVLA plate. Anyway, we do all the hard work for you, so you don’t need to worry about it. There is plenty of choice, you can see what’s available via the search facility on our website. Irish plates have another great selling point too, they’re all dateless, so you can put an Irish plate on any car, regardless of the age.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at