Cheap plates from £50.00 now available on Retention

Cherished Number on Retention on Documents

From 21st July you will be able to purchase a cheap Irish, dateless registration on retention. Up until now you could only buy a cheap Irish registration from £50.00 on a vehicle and this had to be transferred within seven working days therefore you had to have a vehicle to transfer the registration to at time of sale. After the 21st July you no longer have to have a vehicle to transfer this style of registration to as you can simply put it on retention.

Up until the 21st July there was no retention system in Northern Ireland but with the amalgamation of the DVA with DVLA this service will now be available. If you have your eye on a nice cheap Irish registration but you don’t have a vehicle to put this on at the moment Speedy Reg can apply to put the registration onto retention for you. In order to do this you would fill out a transfer form and pay £105 to DVLA to have the registration transferred to certificate. Please note that it will take up to six weeks to receive your retention certificate back from DVLA Swansea.

If you would like to look into the possibility of having your registration on retention certificate please feel free to call and speak to one of our sales advisers.