MIG Number plates are ideal for Miguel

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The new MIG Irish number plates are on their way and Speedy Reg estimate that these should be in stock in the next month. The MIG plate originates from County Fermanagh and the small county in Northern Ireland has seen great registrations such as BIG, DIG, FIG and JIG. The Irish registrations are very popular in the GB mainland as they suit many people’s initials and often suit peoples nicknames or shortened versions of their names such as Baz for Barry, Gaz for Garry, LNZ for Lyndsay or HAZ for Hazel.

The new MIG registrations would be great for anyone called Miguel, a Spanish name which in English translates to Michael. If you are a beer connoisseur you may also like this registration for the beer brand San Miguel or perhaps your initials are MIG.

American singer songwriter Miguel Jontel Pimentel may be interested in this registration as his stage name is simply Miguel. Although he is not well known in the UK he is big in in his home country and will most likely break into the UK very soon. Keep on the look out for Miguel in the near future and look out for the new MIG plates.