Royal registrations for a royal baby


The birth of the latest royal baby has caused much interest in the media recently and despite only having one or two brief moments in the spotlight the little Princess, who’s official name is Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, has caused a media frenzy both here in the UK and abroad.

Born on the 2nd May to Prince William and his wife Catherine little Charlotte Elizabeth Diana is fourth in line to the throne and is the fifth great grandchild of Queen Elizabeth. As with any Royal baby the initial speculation is always what sex the child will be and the media were without a doubt that this time it would be a girl. The next speculation is always the name and no doubt the royal couple felt great pressure to provide a name which would be fitting and patriotic.

Some facts that you may not know about the name Charlotte are that this is the female equivalent of the name Charles, which is of course the child’s paternal grandfather. The name has a historical royal pedigree and was the name of King George III’s queen, who was also the founder of Buckingham palace, which later became the official residence of any future Monarch. Two thousand two hundred and forty two babies were given the name Charlotte in 2013 and no doubt this will continue to be a popular name in 2015.

As with the birth of Prince George, which was much more anticipated, companies are cashing in on royal merchandise including personalised mugs, t-shirts and baby accessories. Here at Speedy Reg we also have our own royal registration if little Charlotte should wish to own a personalised registration in years to come. Available to purchase today is CHA 210T, which looks like Charlotte, CED 300 which take in her full initials or perhaps a Her Royal Highness registration such as 35 HRH or 454 HRH.