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 Private Registrations for Birthday Girl Avril Lavigne

Birthday girl Avril Lavigne is in for a treat today as the team at Speedy Reg have found the perfect personalised registration to suit her name and surname all in one. AV12 LAV is a great registration for her, however she will need to make sure she has a 2012 vehicle or younger to suit this style of registration.

The French Canadian singer songwiter turns 29 today and recently married fellow rock star Chad Kroeger in a whirlwind shock marriage getting engaged after just one month of being a couple and getting married less than a year after their engagement. Lavigne was previously married to another rock star Deryck Whibley from Sum 41, however the marriage only lasted 4 years.

Lavigne shot to fame with her Single Skater Boy back in 2002 and enjoyed success for a few years until virtually disappearing from the UK charts until her relaunch with the song ‘Girlfriend’ in 2006. In recent times she hasn’t made much of an impact on the UK charts but is currently working on other projects such as her fashion label, charity work and a career in acting.

If your name is ‘Av Lav’ you may be interested in this registration so why not give the team at Speedy Reg a call today.


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