Lindsey – a name with many options!


There’s few names as versatile and adaptable as Lindsey. Firstly, it’s both a boys name and a girls name, straight out of the box. Most other names that are fine for both boys and girls are shortened ‘proper’ girls names, such as Charlie short for Charlotte, or Bobby short for Roberta, but not with Lindsey, anyone can be a Lindsey! If you’re having a baby and don’t know whether you’re having a boy or a girl, in the meantime you can always call it Lindsey.

There are also so many different spelling of the name Lindsey. Linsey, Lyndsay, Lynzi, Linzie, Lindsy, Linsay, Linzi, Lindsee, Lynnsey, Lindsy… and that’s just a few of them.

It’s also a great name for shortening too. Lynne, Lyn and Linz are all pretty cool. Linz is a great nickname for a Lindsey, and you can pick up some great LNZ plates at Speedy Reg right now. If you’re a Lindsey you can celebrate your love of your name with a great new plate, or you can treat a Linz you know! We’ve got loads to choose from, such as LNZ 130 or LNZ 137. There’s bound to be one you’ll love!

Photo credit: Thomas Hawk / / CC BY-NC