How about a plate to perfectly suit your car?

Number Plates

If you’re choosing a personalised number plate, you’ve got lots of choice. You could pick something that represents your own name or nickname such as BOB 11E; you could advertise your profession with something like  VET 77, but if you love your car, why not choose a personalised plate that reflects the car you drive?

If you own a Rolls Royce, then Speedy Reg have the perfect plate for you… ROL 13R! If you drive a Beetle then there’s 21 BUG or BUG 51 available. Other VW owners can opt for 70 VW. 67 JAG is ideal for any Jaguar driver and 877 BMW of course will look fabulous on any BMW! If you drive an MG you could pick up the highly desirable MG 4 or 6 MG.

Even older cars don’t need to miss out, if you’re dedicated to your old Fiat Uno, then C5 UNO would be perfect, and will bring a smile to the face of anyone who sees it. Of course if you’re into retro vehicles then that plate would also look great on your Sinclair C5!

Photo credit: gilliannb / / CC BY-SA

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