Costumes for Cars!

Number Plates

Adding your own personality to the look of your car with spoilers, decals and other accessories is nothing new. Anyone of a certain age will never forget the ‘furry dice’ craze. These days there are so many more ways to dress up your car to reflect your own persona and inject a little humour. Love them or hate them, car costumes are big business as more people choose to jazz up their cars for special occasions, or simply for the fun of it.

Car eye lashes are one of the newest crazes, attached above the headlights, you can turn your boring old car into an instant beautiful lady, well sort of. From plain black to pink with crystals, you’ll even a choice of which eyelashes to give your car!

You’ve probably seen cars with a pair of flags on, usually added to show support for a big football match. You’ll also have seen the red noses that attach to the front of the car for Red Nose Day. Now there’s another new craze hitting the streets, using these two types of accessories to create a whole costume for your car. Swap the football flags for rabbit ears, change the red nose for a pink one, and there you have it, an instant Easter bunny outfit for your car! Of course there are plenty of other variations available too, so whatever you’re celebrating, there’s no reason why your car should be left out of the fun!

Photo credit: bfishadow / / CC BY