New Kia car angers Northern Ireland politicians



kia_provo_concept_04_1-0304-450x240Speedy Reg have just heard that South Korean car manufacturers ‘Kia’ have released their new vehicle which they have named ‘Provo’. The name has angered unionist politicians in Northern Ireland who feel the name is offensive to unionist victims of the troubles in Northern Ireland. DUP MP Gregory Campbell has said that Kia may not have been aware of the offence that particular name would cause but that they must be made aware of the fact that the name may upset certain people due to its links to a terrorist organisation.

Kia have stated that they are sorry for any upset they may have caused and the car was named after a play on the Italian word Prova which means test or trial. It is believed that the car will not be released for sale and at this moment in time it is merely a test model.