Are you Eagerly Awaiting the next Season of Game of Thrones?

It’s amazed me just how popular Game of Thrones is. It seems to have captured the imagination of just about everyone and viewing has reached record numbers. I have plenty of friends who would previously turn their noses up at any series with dragons and magic in it. Fantasy was just not their thing, but even they are hooked on GOT.

Perhaps it’s because the production levels are of the highest quality. The sets are spectacular and there’s always plenty of intrigue and tension to keep you clamouring for the next episode. Maybe it’s because the focus isn’t on the fantasy aspect of the series. It feels almost like a historical drama at times. Yes there’s dragons, but they’re not the focus. It’s all so believable.

Season 7 is currently in production and filming should be completed soon. The cast have been filming in the studios in Belfast, but for this season, they’ve also jetted off to Iceland. I visited Iceland recently and can appreciate that this bleak yet magical landscape would be the perfect backdrop for the series.

Fascinating Fact: Did you know, when you hear a dragon in Game of Thrones, the sound you’re actually listening to is the noise of mating tortoises? Apologies if this stops you taking the series quite so seriously from now on!

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