Happy Cheese Lovers Day!

There’s something really special about cheese isn’t there? Do you feel the same way about cheese that most people do about chocolate? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. You don’t need to keep your love for cheese a secret or join some sort of support group.

For today is YOUR day. It’s the day to run out into the street and shout to the world “I LOVE CHEESE!” Because today my friend, is Cheese Lovers Day!

The one day a year that is dedicated to all things cheesy. It’s the perfect excuse to ditch your New Year diet plan and order a cheese feast pizza, with a cheese stuffed crust and an extra topping of cheese.

Whether you’re a fan of feta or mad for mozzarella, it’s certainly cause to celebrate. So why not whip up a cheesecake and invite your friends round for a cheese party tonight?

Of course the ultimate way to show your love of cheese would be to change your name to Brie Stilton. But if this is a step too far for you then how about a cheese related number plate? A number plate is for life, not just for Cheese Lovers Day, and will bring you joy for many years to come.

We’ve got plenty of CHE plates, perfect if you love cheese and doubly good if your favourite cheese is Cheddar! Perhaps you can’t resist the rubbery delights of Edam? The only cheese that is made backwards. If so, how about a DAM plate. We’ve got DAM 4 available right now. Or perhaps you are keen on Gouda? If you are, you might like one of our cheap GOU plates. We’ve got GOU plates such as G005 GOU available for just £494.

Whatever you do this evening, whether it’s picking out a new cheesy private registration, or simply melting some cheddar on toast, we wish you all a Very Happy Cheese Lovers Day!