Game of Thrones Season 8 is Here – Get Your GOT number plates now!

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It seems like forever since season 7 doesn’t it? Perhaps you’ve been patiently waiting, or maybe like us, you went right back to the beginning and watched the whole lot again? It’s certainly a show worth a second watch! But now the wait is over and Season 8 is about to hit our screens. Sadly it’s the final series, but that means it’s likely to be the best one yet, with lots of action and intrigue!

When exactly is it released?

The first episode is being released at the same time in the US and the UK. However, if you see the release date stated as 14th April, don’t get confused, as due to the time difference, it will actually be aired in the UK in the early hours of the 15th April when we get to see it on Sky Atlantic. It will also be repeated later that evening. Sadly this is going to be the shortest GoT series so far, with just six episodes. We got used to the 10 episode seasons, but season 7 consisted of just 7 episodes, and this new season is even shorter. However, it’s thought that the episode length is going to be longer, which would be great as it always seems to end too soon!

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau has stated that the cost of making this season works out at around four times the cost of the previous seasons. It will be interesting to see where that money has gone. Lavish sets? Amazing special effects? Epic battle scenes?

The final season plot

We were left with a cliffhanger at the end of season 7, and so it’s likely we’ll discover the outcome of the destruction of the Wall by the White Walkers and the final battle between the dead and the living. It has also been revealed that one episode will feature a massive battle at Winterfell, so that’s likely where some of the huge budget has been spent!

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