Spoil Your Furry Friends on Love Your Pets Day!

Speedyreg - Love Your Pets Day 2020
Speedyreg – Love Your Pets Day 2020

Did you know that half of the homes in the UK have at least one pet? That figure doesn’t even include goldfish so it goes to show that we really do love our animals. So today is all about spending some extra quality time with your pets, perhaps treating them to their favourite food, playing with them or just having a snooze together.

Pet Fact: 3 dogs survived the sinking of the Titanic – one was wrapped in a blanket and presumed to be a baby.

We have lots of great plates for pet lovers. How about a PET plate? We’ve got a wide range of these for you to pick from. Do PET 3N, PET 1X, M1 PET, F1 PET or PET 80Y take your fancy? If you’re looking for a bargain priced PET plate then we’ve got a selection of PET plates priced at just £199 plus fees. These cheap plates include AE51 PET, BE02 PET and BE52 PET. If your job involves pets, perhaps you’re a dog walker, a cat sitter or you run a grooming business, these plates would be great advertising for your business if you put them on your works vehicle.

Pet Fact: Isaac Newton invented the cat flap and the first ever flap was installed at the University of Cambridge where it remains to this day.

Talking of jobs, we also have some brilliant plates for vets. How about VET 805S or VET 330S? We’ve also got many more available such as V70 VET, V55 VET, V200 VET and V123 VET. A real head turner for the vehicles of a veterinarian’s surgery!

Pet Fact:  Like number plates or finger prints, no two dog’s noses are the same.

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Pet Fact: You can tell the age of a goldfish by counting the rings on its scales, however they can’t usually be seen with the human eye so a microscope is needed.

We’ve got some top cat plates too. So if you love your felines, check out our CAT plates. we’ve got the purrfect CAT 1, or how about 22 CAT, A4 CAT or D24 CAT?