Does Your Private Plate Speak the Language of Love?

Speedyreg - Valentine's Day 2020
Speedyreg – Valentine’s Day 2020

Valentines Day is a time for treating the person you love to a special romantic gift. A gesture of devotion to show them just how much they mean to you. So what you need to do is rush out and buy a bottle of the best Champagne and a dozen fresh red roses right?

Make a better choice and impress this year!

No, no, no! That’s so boring. It doesn’t say ‘romantic’ it just says ‘dull’. It’s just showing the person you love most in the whole entire world that you’re totally lacking in imagination, or even worse, you couldn’t be bothered to think of something personal for them, something special. It’s time to ditch the clichés and treat your beloved to something really unique. Something that says ‘Look I made a real effort here’, something they can love and treasure forever. What they need is a private registration plate! You may be thinking right now that while that’s a great idea, you simply couldn’t afford it. Only rich people buy private reg plates for presents. Well you’d be wrong. In fact, when you tot up the cost of that dozen red roses and the bottle of fizzy you were going to buy, it adds up to more than the price of literally thousands of the private plates on the SpeedyReg website! You may not know it, but our plates actually start from just £10 plus VAT and transfer fee.

Love is in the air

So now you know buying your sweetheart a private plate isn’t going to bankrupt you, let’s look at some ideas for great plates for Valentine’s gifts. How about a romantic love plate? We think LOV 3Y is, well, really lovely if you’re feeling lovey dovey! We’ve also got LOV 61N, LOV 151E, LOV 3P and many more.

Perfect plates for Bae or Boo

We’ve got some brilliant Bae plates too. Would you like the awesome TH15 BAE, the brilliant FA57 BAE, the amazing H15 BAE or perhaps BA55 BAE for a music lover? For Boo we’ve got H15 BOO, N2 BOO, V6 BOO, W5 BOO, BOO 135 and AO55 BOO to mention but a few.

Or let them choose themselves

Picking out a personalised number plate for someone else can be a tricky job because you really want to pick out the perfect plate for them. There is another option though, treat them to a SpeedyReg gift voucher and they can have the fun of choosing their plate themselves!

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