New Location – Same Great Classic Car Show

Speedyreg - London Classic Car Show 2020
Speedyreg – London Classic Car Show 2020

2020 sees the 6th annual London Classic Car Show and it’s being held at a new venue, the prestigious Olympia London in Kensington. The show runs from 20th to 23rd February and is set to be the best year yet with more going on than ever before, it’s a must visit for anyone with a love of classic cars, so if this is one of your hobbies and you want to learn more about classic shows you can visit Zemotor online to find how these shows are created.

Celebrating some special anniversaries

The show will mark a couple of high profile anniversaries with special events to celebrate. 2020 marks 40 years since the Audi quattro was unveiled, and Range Rover also celebrates 50 years as the leading luxury SUV. So expect some great displays from these marques.

2020 also marks 50 years since the death of McLaren founder and brilliant racing driver Bruce McLaren. As a tribute there will be a display of memorabilia including his cars and some of his personal items.

Fascinating Car Stories

A special feature of the show that’s not to be missed is the Car Stories stage. Here you’ll discover the history and the story of six iconic vehicles. Hosted by Max Girado, taking part in the telling of these amazing stories will be owners, designers and racing drivers sharing their insight into the cars that are special to them. Some highlights to look out for are Sir Stirling Moss’s Masarati 250F, Adrian Newey’s Lotus 49 and the 1987 Rothmans Porsche 962C.

See classics in action

Head to the indoor driving runway for a unique feature of the show, where some of the 500 classic cars on display are fired up and driven. Giving you the chance to truly experience the classic car with all the sights, sounds and smells that includes!

Get your tickets now

Tickets are cheaper in advance so why not book yours today? They’re £25 for an adult and £20 for a child in advance (£30 and £22 respectively on the door). There are also some discounts for families and larger groups.

Some top class classic number plates

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