Happy Birthday Cristiano Ronaldo!

Speedyreg - Happy Birthday Cristiano
Speedyreg – Happy Birthday Cristiano

Born into an impoverished family on the island of Madeira, the life of Cristiano Ronaldo is a true rags to riches story. His ability on the football field was obvious at a young age and his family was a huge support to him, even relocating to Lisbon 600 miles away to enable Cristiano to play for the teams there. He soon found success, with Manchester United paying him 12 million dollars to join their team when he was still a teenager. From his childhood home in Madeira which was so small he had to share a bedroom with his brother and two sisters, he’s certainly come a long way, now being worth an estimated $400 million!

Cristiano has some truly special skills. Did you know that when he jumps, he moves five times faster than a cheetah? He’s also well known for his on-pitch acrobatics, his scissor kicks and flips always please the fans!

Away from the pitch, Cristiano does a lot of work for charity. In 2012 he sold one of his European Golden Shoe Awards raising 1.5 million euros which he used to help fund schools in Gaza. He’s also involved in the Football for Health organisation that raises money to help children who don’t have access to adequate healthcare, and after the 2004 tsunami in Indonesia he personally flew out there to help the victims and sold a lot of his own sports gear at auction to help the Indonesian people.

If you love Cristiano Ronaldo, you can watch his YouTube channel, read his autobiography Moments and even visit a museum in his home town of Funchal Madeira that is entirely dedicated to him!

We certainly get a kick out of picking out the perfect plates for celebrities on their birthdays, so today we’ve made it our goal to find the ultimate plate for birthday boy Cristiano Ronaldo. Our favourites for him are GOA 11L, which pretty much speaks for itself, or the cool and sophisticated CR 11, simple and stylish, featuring his initials. Either of these would look the part on Cristiano’s Bugatti Veyron!

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