Happy Birthday to Zayn Malik – 25 today!

Today Zayn turns 25, he’s still young, but he’s achieved a huge amount in his life so far. If he can achieve that much in 25 years, just think what he can do during the rest of his life!

He first came to our attention when he auditioned for the X-Factor as a solo singer back in 2010. He was eliminated from the competition, but he got another chance when he was invited back into the competition along with four other lucky contestants to form a boy band. A boy band that was to go on to become world famous… One Direction.

The band had great success. They were the first band ever to have all four of their first albums debut at number 1 in the US charts. They also won a host of awards including six Brit Awards, eleven MTV Music Awards and four MTV Music Video Awards.

In 2015 Zayn decided to take his career in a different direction and left the band to start a solo career. He made the move from pop music to a more R&B style and he’s done it incredibly well, with both his first single and first album hitting the UK and US charts in the number one position.

Did you know?…

  • Zayn has a phobia of water and so he’s never learnt to swim.
  • Zayn applied for The X Factor in 2009 but changed his mind because he was too nervous!
  • A female fan once fainted when she met him – he said it was a bit scary!
  • His favourite food is chicken.
  • His favourite song ever is Michael Jackson’s Thriller.
  • Zayn once had a nightmare about being chased by a giant Power Ranger.
  • His favourite book is Harry Potter.
  • The one thing he most looks for in a girlfriend is intelligence.

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