Happy Birthday Kim Kardashian – The Most Dangerous Celebrity to Search For!

If you’ve reached this post by searching for ‘Kim Kardashian’ then you may have had a lucky escape, and you might just want to cut your search off now before things get dangerous! Why? Because according to the cyber-security company McAfee, Kim Kardashian is the celebrity name that is most likely to lead you to a malicious website. Luckily you ended up here and you’re in safe hands with us! Interestingly her sister Kourtney Kardashian was third on the list, with Naomi Campbell coming in 2nd. Last year Craig David topped the list. So next time you’re searching for celebrities, do be cautious, malicious sites can install malware on your computer and get hold of your private data and passwords.

Famous and infamous

It seems as if Kim Kardashian has spent her entire life in the spotlight. She first came to the attention of the media due to the fact she was good friends with Paris Hilton, they even went to preschool together. Then in 2003 a certain ‘ahem’ tape was leaked leading to a US$5 million settlement. Then in 2007, she took part in the hugely popular reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians that followed the lives of Kim and her family. Since then she’s worked as a model, an actress and she’s also a successful entrepreneur. Kim certainly keeps herself busy!

A fascinating life  – here are the facts…

  • Kim celebrated her 14th birthday in style at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch.
  • She’s the highest earning reality TV personality in the world.
  • She absolutely loves deep fried Oreos.
  • Kim warms her jewellery with a hair dryer before putting it on, so it isn’t too cold!
  • She hates blue cheese, red velvet and the sound of the cardboard sleeve on a Starbucks cup.
  • When in school she learnt sign language so she and her friends could cheat on tests.
  • Her biggest regret is releasing her single Jam (Turn It Up) as she says she knows she doesn’t have a good voice.

Presents for the birthday girl?

For his 35th birthday, she bought husband Kanye West a $400,000 Lamborghini. I wonder what he’s got for her this year? If it’s a matching Lamborghini, we’re sure we could find them some awesome matching number plates. We’ve got 5 K and 8 K available right now. I’m pretty glad I don’t have to buy Kim a present. What on earth would you give a multi-millionaire who has everything?