Will Lewis Hamilton Win the F1 World Championship this Weekend?

Speedyreg - Formula 1 Grand Prix Austin
Speedyreg – Formula 1 Grand Prix Austin

This weekend sees the 19th F1 Grand Prix race of the 2019 season in Austin, Texas. We’re all on tenterhooks to see if this is the race that will confirm Lewis Hamilton as the 2019 World Champion.  He’s got a pretty good chance of making it happen, but it’s not set in stone and it all revolves around how Valterri Bottas fares. If Bottas doesn’t win, then the championship win goes to Lewis Hamilton, but, if Bottas does win, Hamilton needs to finish in eighth place or above to secure the championship if Bottas takes the fastest lap bonus, or ninth if he takes the fastest lap and Bottas does not. This course offers a lot of overtaking opportunities, being perhaps the best circuit for overtaking of the entire F1 season, so it’s going to be thrilling action from start to finish no doubt.

Watching the US F1 Grand Prix

You can watch the qualifying and the race on Sky Sports F1 from 8pm on Saturday for qualifying and tune it at 5:30pm on Sunday for the start of the race coverage. Channel 4 will also be showing highlights. 

The Circuit of the Americas Facts

The Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas opened in 2012 and it played host to the US Grand Prix the same year. It’s the first US circuit to be specifically built for Formula One purposes. It’s a 56 lap circuit with a race distance of 308.405km and a circuit length of 5.5.13km. Lewis Hamilton is the current lap record holder with a time of 1.37.392 which he achieved last year. Hamilton wasn’t the circuit winner last year though, the 2018 winner was Kimi Raikkonen.

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