The Historic London To Brighton Veteran Car Run Takes Place this Sunday

Speedyreg - London to Brighton Veteran Car Run
Speedyreg – London to Brighton Veteran Car Run

This iconic run from London to Brighton is the oldest motoring event in the world, created by the first motoring club in the UK, established by Harry Lawson in 1896. In November of that year, there were some major changes to the motoring law. Previously the speed limit had been set at 4mph, and all cars had to be driven with a man walking ahead of it holding a red flag. With vehicles being capable of travelling faster than this, and the red flag man being a major inconvenience, early motoring fans were overjoyed when the red flag requirements were overturned and the speed limit for any ‘light locomotives’ under 3 tons raised to 14mph.

To celebrate, Harry Lawson and his motoring club drove the 60 miles from London to Brighton. Each year after this, the club would organise some sort of run out for the members and every year it would increase in popularity and become a bigger and bigger event.

When the speed limit was eventually raised to 20mph in 1903, the event to celebrate the 14mph limit was no longer relevant and so it was stopped. However, motor enthusiasts missed the run, and so it was brought back in 1927, with a recreation of the first ever run back in 1896. From 1930 the organisation of the run was taken over by the Royal Automobile Club and it has professionally organised the run ever since. The run has taken place every year with the exception of the war years when petrol rationing made the run impossible.

The Queen entered the run in 1971, albeit not as a driver, in a Daimler that had once belonged to King Edward VII. The car has since been on many runs driven by HRH Prince Michael of Kent. Since 2005, spectators have had the chance to see the cars on the day before the race, lining Regent Street as part of the Regent Street Motor Show.

There have been some changes over recent years, both to the route, and with the addition of veteran cycles in 2017 and veteran motorcycles in 2018, but fundamentally, the ethos of the run remains the same and attracts many entrants and spectators every year.

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