So Many Big Names at the 2019 Edinburgh Festival

Edinburgh Festival - Speedyreg
Edinburgh Festival – Speedyreg

The World Famous Edinburgh International Festival is here, with amazing performances covering all aspects of the arts at a variety of venues across Edinburgh. This year the festival runs from 2nd August to 26th August and there are some massive stars performing. If you get the chance to go, you’re sure of a fantastic time.

The first Edinburgh Festival took place after the end of the Second World War. The concept was devised to help the people of the UK heal from the effects of the war through the arts. It was a time of positivity, but also a time of sadness, with so many loved ones lost in the war. The first ever festival took place in 1947 and it has been an annual event ever since. Alongside the Edinburgh International Festival runs the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the biggest arts festival on the planet, with  tens of thousands of performances across hundreds of venues. August is certainly an amazing time to visit the beautiful city of Edinburgh. The Edinburgh International Book Festival also takes place in August, from 10th to 26th.

If you can’t make it to the Edinburgh this year, look out for coverage on BBC iPlayer and BBC Radio 3.

2019 Festival Highlights

So many big names come to Edinburgh to take part in the Festival and this year is certainly no exception. You can see Sir Ian McKellen perform extracts from his roles of screen and stage and Craig Ferguson is performing his stand-up comedy show. This is his first show in the UK for 25 years and runs for one night only, so get to the festival on August 11th if you don’t want to miss this opportunity. Eddie Izzard will also be there to launch his new Wunderbar show, Frank Skinner, Ruby Wax and Russell Howard will be performing too. Other famous names at the festival include Al Murray, Jarvis Cocker and Stephen Fry.

Edinburgh number plates

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