Liverpool Vs Chelsea – it’s the UEFA Super Cup

Liverpool Vs Chelsea - Speedy Reg
Liverpool Vs Chelsea – Speedy Reg

It’s great news for British fans as this is the first ever time that two English teams have competed for the UEFA Super Cup. This match marks the start of the European competitions with the winners of the Europa League up against the winners of the Champions League. So that’s Chelsea, winners of the Europa League having beaten Arsenal 4-1 and Liverpool for the Champions League following their 2-0 victory against Spurs.

Liverpool have competed for the Super Cup five times before and have won it three times previously. Chelsea have won the cup once out of their three Super Cup appearances and that was back in 1998.

Of course with two English teams competing, England are guaranteed their eighth Super Cup win, so if you’re cheering for England, you really can’t lose this one! This also means that a Spanish team cannot win, and that will be the first time that has happened since 2013.

When and where?

The match takes place on August 14th with kick off at 8pm (UK time). The event takes place at Vodafone park in Istanbul, Turkey, and it’s the first time the event has ever been staged in Turkey. This is a great opportunity for fans to grab a cheap flight to Turkey and enjoy the climate and scenery as well as an awesome match in the 41,188 seat Vodafone Park stadium.

This match seems to be full of firsts, with referee Stephanie Frappart being the first woman to ever referee the final of a men’s UEFA competition and this is also the first time that the VAR (Video Assistant Referee) system has been used in the Super Cup.

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