Kaiser Chiefs go Back to their Roots with New Album

Kaiser Chiefs - Speedy Reg
Kaiser Chiefs – Speedy Reg

Kaiser Chiefs fans have been thoroughly spoilt recently with a list of tour dates announced, a new single, People Know How To Love One Another and now the album we’ve all been waiting for, Duck, the band’s 7th studio album. With Stay Together, their last album being released back in 2016,   it’s been a long wait but it’s certainly been well worth waiting for. This album is classic Kaiser Chiefs stuff with the band going back to their roots. If you loved them in their early days, you’re going to be really impressed with Duck.

Duck Track Listing:

People Know How To Love One Another

Golden Oldies


Target Market

Don’t Just Stand There, Do Something

Record Collection

The Only Ones

Lucky Shirt

Electric Heart

Northern Holiday

Kurt vs Frasier (The Battle For Seattle)

Singer Ricky Wilson loves cars

Ricky Wilson, Kaiser Chiefs lead singer is a big fan of cars and motor racing. He’s even friends with Jenson Button and got to sit with him as he did the Goodwood hillclimb in a Honda NSX supercar.

The first car he drove was his mother’s Fiat Panda. When they hit the Top 10 with I Predict a Riot you may expect that he would have bought something flash, a Ferrari or a Porsche perhaps? Nope, he bought a second hand Mini Mayfair from his manager’s grandma. Apparently he’s so fond of it he has it to this day! He’s also owned a Range Rover, which he also bought second hand, and a Honda Civic Type R GT. Ricky also has his motorcycle license and owns a Triumph Bonneville.

Which personalised number plates would the Kaiser Chiefs choose?

When the Kaiser Chiefs boys come to us for their personalised number plates, we’ll have some great suggestions at the ready. Ricky Wilson might like 21 CKY, WLL 50N or something short and stylish such as 25 RW or 93 RW. Andrew White could have an Andy plate such as 4 NDY or 444 NDY, or he may prefer one to match Ricky with 70 AW or 79 AW. We’ve got a great plate for Simon Rix, we think he’d love 1 RX or X51 MON. Nick Baines could opt for 61 NB, 512 NB or 4223 NB and Vijay Mistry might like VIJ 939 or 77 JAY, but perhaps the best plate for him is M18 TRY!

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