World Health Day 2019 #HealthForAll

World Health Day 2019
World Health Day – Speedy Reg

With advances in science and medicine, many of us will live longer than our ancestors and many diseases and conditions are now curable or manageable that would once have been life threatening. In many ways, it’s a better world when it comes to healthcare, but there are still millions of people around the globe that are not able to access adequate healthcare. World Health Day 2019 is all about change, to push forward the message that healthcare is a basic human right.

At least half of the people in the world do not receive the health services they need.

A world of fair, accessible healthcare for all is the goal of the World Health Organisation, and World Health Day is all about increasing awareness of this vital campaign.  To ensure that no one slips through the gaps in the healthcare system, to push governments to offer affordable healthcare so no one has to choose between their medication or feeding their family.

About 100 million people are pushed into extreme poverty each year because of out-of-pocket spending on health.

Healthcare should not lead to financial hardship, and no one should suffer from being unable to access healthcare, regardless of where they live. If you’d like to get involved, there are several ways you can do this. You can sign the World Health Organisation petition, your signature will add weight to the efforts of the World Health Organisation that will be presented at the United Nations General Assembly in September where world leaders will gather to agree on a political declaration to secure worldwide commitment to making universal healthcare a reality.

Health is a human right; everyone should have the information and services they need to take care of their own health and the health of their families.

Another way to get involved is to join in with the World Health Day Solidarity Chain. Gather together as many people as possible; friends, family, your work colleagues. Join hands as a gesture of commitment to universal health coverage. Then share photos of your chain on social media with the #HealthForAll hashtag. There will be many people making their own Solidarity Chains all over the world, so look out for them and give them a like and a share. This is such an important issue that affects everyone, now and in the future. With our efforts, the future of healthcare could be brighter for all.

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