The Perfect Plate for a MasterChef Finalist?

Master Chef Finalist – Speedy Reg

We love MasterChef! While our own culinary skills leave a little to be desired, there certainly won’t be a Speedy Reg contestant any time soon, we do love to watch and discuss the show in the office. There’s just something so exciting about seeing what they come up with, cooking under pressure, the successes and the disasters. This year the competition was pretty tough and the three finalists certainly worked hard for their places. This was the first year that all the finalists were female, and there was no doubt by the huge smile on her face, that winner Irini Tzortzoglou was ecstatic to be declared the 2019 winner. Irini gets to take home the coveted golden ‘m’ – the MasterChef trophy, and it was certainly well deserved. Her style of cooking influenced both by British cuisine, and the local delicacies of the island of Crete where she spends much of her time.

So a big congratulations to Irini from all of the MasterChef fans here at Speedy Reg!

Sadly there can only be one winner, and we thought the other finalists were both fantastic cooks. Just watching their creations on the show made us hungry. So we think they both deserve a treat too and we think they should reward themselves with a present. Something unique that will last a lifetime and make them smile every day. Of course, we think a private plate would be the perfect treat!

So we’ve picked out a couple of plates for the runners up that we think they would truly love.

DEL 14A for Delia

Delia is just 27, a police officer from Ashford. She regularly cooks for her colleagues, and while it’s never crossed my mind to join the Police Force, if Delia was cooking me lunch every day, I may just think about a career change. With Moroccan influences, her food always looked delectable. So for Delia, we’ve picked out DEL 14A for the perfect plate for her!

JIL 1777 for Jilly

From professional rugby player, to MasterChef finalist, Jilly certainly aims high with everything she does and succeeds. She even played in the Rugby World Cup back in 2006! You perhaps wouldn’t normally associate Scottish food with fine dining, but Jilly’s creations are truly amazing, I’d love to give her dishes a try! So for Jilly, we think JIL 1777 is a fantastic plate, perhaps not as fantastic as the plates Jilly creates, but certainly the next best thing!

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